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WordPress as a CMS

Why a content management system?

A few HTML pages can be written quickly. However, when it comes to the presentation of complex corporate relationships and varied product information, several hundred pages will soon have to be managed.

A content management system makes sense if:

it should have a central, uniform design;
Content should be presented quickly, individually and according to the request;
it is easy, clear and without long HTML adjustments to create and manage.
This reduces costs that would normally result from a high level of administration if you want to provide your customers with the latest information and make ongoing changes to the content of your website.

Steinwebdesign offers you more than just the software; a complete service and advice on all aspects of the topic. That includes marketing, troubleshooting and much more.

Cost of a CMS with WordPress

Complete system provision including individual design (templates) from just EUR 899.00.

We provide you with the basics – you take care of your content.

WordPress meets these requirements

Content management systems separate content from layout and functionality and thus guarantee a uniform appearance of your website with the simplest maintenance and flexibility.

The central task of your editors is therefore the creation of the texts without having to worry about the presentation.

Based on license-free content management systems, e.g. WordPress, we realize the website.

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