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Successful implementation of eCommerce with OXID

Since 2008 specializing in the development of individual OXID templates / themes according to your specifications or completely on your own.

Support and service for OXID

– Installation and setup of OXID eSales Community Edition (CE)
– template development
– Implement your own templates
– module installations
– Error analysis (e.g. shipping costs and rules)
– Update of the shop software from version 4.2.x.
Prices for OXID services

– each module installation only 30 € net
– Shop move (new hoster / server) from 150 € net
– Hourly rate for error analysis and small programming work € 45 net

Templates for OXID eShop

Do you already have your own online shop and just want to change your design / template for an OXID eShop?

Please ask for prices for the creation of templates for OXID online shops here.

Done OXID templates

You can find more information about our already finished solutions at: or directly at:
http: //

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