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Tips to find cheap web hosting services

Finding a cheap web hosting service can be quite difficult. This is due to the industry-standard pricing strategies many popular web hosting companies use to attract new customers with their low introductory prices.

Before you sign up with a cheap host provider, you must check their renewal price as well as features which include; storage space, bandwidth size, and free SSL. Although most web host providers include a domain name and SSL in their free trial packages some don’t.

In this article we will be discussing how you can choose a good web hosting service provider, understand the difference between using WordPress CMS and HTML site builder, reseller hosting plans and how CPanel initiated the cheap pricing for web hosting.

How to Identify a Good and Cheap Hosting Company

For bloggers, developers and small business owners choosing the right web host for you can ensure you a lifetime of happiness with a reliable and high-performing host who is always available to cater to all your needs and save you the headaches of choosing a bad web host provider.

However, when choosing a good and cheap host provider, you must first do your research on the company to identify if the hosting provider is the right one for you, as this will save you from feeling cheated and being misled. Below are steps to be taken to identify a good and cheap hosting company.

  1. Hosting Plans

Does the hosting provider you plan on working with have the requirements you are looking for? Does it provide the type of hosting plans you need? Take a moment to think about what you need to get out of your relationship with the web host provider. This is very important as hosting services provided will determine your compatibility with certain hosting providers.

  1. Determine the Type of Site You’re Building

When choosing a good hosting provider, the type of website you want to build with the expected amount of traffic or server load affects which type of hosting plan you’ll want to find. For example, some hosting providers, promote e-commerce functionality while others focus more on blogging and SEO (search engine optimization).

  1. Features and Resources

New customers naturally herd to the web hosting providers and plans offering most features for the fewest dollars without looking for the features and resources they require. When seeking a good hosting provider it’s better to select ones compatible with your specific needs.

For instance, as a business owner, you should prioritize email functionality over storage, while a developer would seek a hosting provider with high bandwidth rates and rigid security.

  1. Pricing

Another thing to consider is the price as you know, price reigns supreme when looking for a new web host. Looking for cheap web hosting providers is important, but don’t sacrifice support and performance for low pricing. We can recommend Copahost. Also, don’t forget to include services such as domain name registration, themes or plugins you might need to add in your budget.

WordPress versus Normal Hosting

CMS (Content Management System) is a software that helps you build a website without the need to understand code, a good example is WordPress. While it is important to note that almost every website uses HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) coding language. The question is, was it coded from scratch, or is the web page using a CMS to hold all the pieces together?

Below are the advantages of using WordPress to Normal Hosting (HTML)

  1. Supports Mobile Devices

Unlike custom-made HTML websites, WordPress is diverse and supports all mobile platforms and different screen sizes. Meaning you don’t have to create a separate version of your website for other devices. Also, WordPress themes come pre-optimized for mobile screens and smartphones.

  1. Saves a Ton of Cash

Hiring a web developer who designs a custom HTML website will cost you around $2,000 to $25,000. Including the yearly hosting fees and repairs fees and you might need to spend more than your budget on building your website. This is why lots of small to medium businesses choose WordPress over custom-built HTML websites to get their business online, because of the reduced costs.

  1. Simple SEO Implementation

To boost your website pages rank on search engines, optimizing your website is very important. While WordPress provides a plugin for SEO optimization, SEO implementation on HTML website requires you go through every page to optimize them for keywords and meta-data, imagine how much work it would take?

  1. Customization

Aside from changing themes and design layout on WordPress, making changes to a static page or any other type of page, whether it is changing the text or adjusting a photo, all these can be carried out due to its easily customizable user interface.

Whereas on an HTML website, design changes are much more difficult, you have to change all the pages one by one manually, and also edit the site’s CSS to make the required adjustments.

  1. Continuous Support And Updates

WordPress releases at least three major updates for its users yearly. This means your system will be updated automatically with minor upgrades added for free! While you have to hire a web developer to upgrade and update your HTML site at an additional cost.

Reseller Hosting to Make Money

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting service that gives you the ability to publish and host websites. It’s meant for people who want to publish their website on the web.

A reseller hosting plan is usually purchased wholesale from a web hosting provider, which you can then sell at a specific price to your customers. Below are two of the best reseller hosting plans out there in the market.

1. Copahost

Copahost is an aged and established hosting company. Its prices start at 1,99€ per month. Free SSL, free website builder and free migration are great options if you plan to start your website.

2. HostGator

HostGator is a front liner in the web hosting space and is known for offering great reseller hosting options with prices starting from $19.95 for Aluminum and $24.95 for both Copper and Silver for the first year. Also, HostGator reseller plans come with features like Free SSL certificate, Email accounts, FTP accounts, and unlimited domains.

3. SiteGround

SiteGround is another top web hosting service provider that charges you based on the number of accounts you are managing. It offers users ‘resellers credits’ which is worth one year of hosting. The minimum credit you can purchase is 5 which costs $45 each with a capacity of 10GB disk space capable of handling roughly 10,000 monthly visitors.

Cheap cPanel Hosting

cPanel is a Linux-based online graphical interface that provides users a control panel to simplify website and server Management. cPanel allows you to manage domains, organize web files, publish websites, create email accounts, and more.

Although cPanel is not for free, it comes with WordPress and comes at a cheaper price for web hosting, making all other alternatives control panel hosting reduce their prices due to its high customer base.

In 2019, cPanel increased its prices pushing away many web hosting companies, and now many are considering switching away from cPanel to other website control panels.


When choosing a cheap web hosting service provider it is always important to choose quality over quantity, and choose according to your needs and budget, this way you not only choose a web host that’s perfect for your site but save yourself the stress of experiencing the problems of using subpar web hosting providers

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